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Smarter Finance USA exists for two reasons: Small businesses aren't always well served by banks or the SBA to provide the capital they need to grow their businesses. Since the non-bank lending market is totally unregulated, it's hard for a small business shopping for alternative financing to find real information and be treated in a fair and transparent manner. Quite simply, 85% of small businesses who apply for bank or SBA financing are turned down, and small business owners absolutely need financing, whether for receivables, equipment finance, or just working capital. The problem is that small business owners shop for alternative financing, a lot of the time they will not be talking to folks that have their best interests in mind. It's not uncommon for small business owners who talk to an alternative lender to be lied to about the rates, terms, and other key variables they will need to make an informed decision about what sort of financing to acquire.
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Heavy Equipment Leasing
Do you need to finance or lease construction or other heavy equipment? ... or do you run a contracting business and need a loan? Chances are, we've helped someone with the exact same questions as you have. Let's address the most common questions and issues you may have about financing your business.
Equipment_Vendors_a_Finance_Partner_You_Can_Trust.jpg Equipment Vendors: a Finance Partner You Can Trust If you sell equipment, whether for construction, medical, or any other industry, acquiring financing for your customers is paramount in helping you get the sale. You may notice that our website is very different than the vast majority of equipment finance companies in existence, in that it provides real information and attempts to answer the most important questions your customers will have about financing.


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